2011 Year-End Review

2011 has been an amazing year! Full of learning experiences, amazing travel adventures, and opportunities to have met and worked with some incredible people. I look forward to taking advantage of the things I’ve learned and applying them this new year and the years to come.

I would like to thank my Family, friends, and supporters from around the world for making 2011 so successful. Lets continue making a difference together and let 2012 only get better :)

Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best in the New Year! 


ILL-Abilities™ came together one more time for a mini-tour. Thank you to Delta Hotels and Discount Quebec for sponsoring and supporting the crew. The final performance of “Orphee” in 2011 ended in Lisbon, Portugal.

Video Highlights: ILL-Abilities Canadian Mini-Tour | Behind the Scenes Recap | navator.com from navator.com

Travels of the Month: Toronto, Ludwigsburg, Lisbon


Another incredible month with the honour of being awarded with a “Difference Maker” Medal  from Rick Hansen himself and a climactic performance for the ParaPanAm Games.

Video Highlights: Justin Hynes “Say what you will” - A new friend and talented artist I met at the Closing Ceremonies of the ParaPanAm Games

Travels of the Month: Toronto, Ottawa, Guadalajara, Paris, Cannes


An inspiring month including several of my students from JC Stylez walking their furthest distance ever at the Muscular Dystrophy Canada Walk helping raise over $3,000.

Video Highlights: Cap48 – Fundraiser Event in Belgium – My performance with some amazing local dancers at 4min55sec

Travels of the Month: Ottawa, Brussels, Liege, Taber, Edmonton, Toronto


ILL-Abilities™ had the honour to showcase our 20-minute theatre show at the infamous IBE. I also had my debut performance of “Orphee” with the Modern Dance Company (Montavlo-Hervieu).

Video Highlights: IBE Mini Documentary on ILL-Abilities™

Travels of the Month: Toronto, Amsterdam, Heerlen, Lyon, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow


ILL-Abilities™ and ILLMASK partnered together to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of the Halifax International Busker Festival

Video Highlights: Busker’s Festival Highlight Video by Bboy Tommy Guns

Travels of the Month: Rome, Halifax, Missoula


I am proud to share with you that I proposed to my girlfriend Melissa and I are officially engaged.

Video Highlights: The best scene’s from the movie The NoteBook – One of Melissa’s favourite Movies and what (kind of… :)) inspired me to propose to her in Venice, Italy

Travels of the Month: Kansas City, Brantford, Toronto, Florence, Venice, Rome


Speakers Spotlight one of Canada’s finest speaking bureaus began to represent me this month.

Video Highlights: A video of my Students JC Stylez – Very inspirational, my daily inspiration!

Travels of the Month: Toronto 


NO LIMITS 2 breakdance competition the grand finale event. Thanks to Aeroplan we had the opportunity to invite world-renowned bboys from Soul Control, Funky Dope Maneuvers, La Smala, and Renegades Crew.

Video Highlights: Highlight clip from our Stage show – Thanks to Lil Ant for the clips

Travels of the Month: Ottawa, Toronto, Washington DC, New York, Thunder Bay, Toronto


The official ILL-Abilities NO LIMITS tour has arrived. Thanks to Discount Quebec we travelled over 10,000miles on the road and performed over 25 shows in 30-days.

Video Highlights: NO LIMITS Tour Wrap-Up – Thanks to Stephano Patuelli (my brother)

Travels of the Month: New Jersey, New York, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, Barrie

Have you heard of Blueprint for Life? They are an organization that travels in Arctic Communities teaching HipHop to local youth. What an empowering moment in my career.

Video Highlights: Wrap-up Video from our experience in Kuujjuaq – Thanks to Tommy Guns for the clip

Travels of the Month: Kuujjuaq, Regina, Paris, Vichy, St. Brieuc


Official confirmation on 3 of our biggest sponsors were confirmed. Aeroplan came through with a 500,000-mile donation, Discount Quebec agreed to donate the tour van, Spinelli Toyota of Pointe Claire donated the hand control and decals on the van.

Video Highlights: My Promo Video :)

Travels of the Month: Toronto


Tommy Guns spent sometime in Canada working on his motivational speaking skills and performed with me at McMaster’s University. Where I will be speaking again on January 25, 2012.

Video Highlights: McMasters TV Up Close and Personal with ILL-Abilities™

Travels of the Month: Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamilton



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